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Social Media Mentor - Speaker - Influencer

Like she has hundreds of entrepreneurs, let Nicole help you succeed and drive your business to the next level. 

About Nicole - Social Media Mentor, Speaker & Influencer

"I’m a Mum of 2 boys, 2 girls, 2 cats, and too many fish. I love fashion, beauty, travel, and food. My day to day jobs include: Registered Nurse, Patient Advocate, Speaker, Story Teller, Influencer, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur."

After working in the aesthetic industry for only a few years, Nicole decided to create change and founded the not-for-profit platform, Trusted Surgeons. Trusted Surgeons is an educational platform that helps and advocates for patients 24/7, 365 days a year.

After a tumultuous start and nearly losing everything, Nicole realised seeking the help of a digital media company nearly destroyed her dream. Like the aesthetic industry, there are many great sales people who rely on “smoke and mirrors”. Nicole set out to educate herself and learn the tricks of the trade to save her cause. This risk proved successful and exceeded all expectations. Those who criticised Nicole, came back praising what she accomplished with nothing more than grit and perseverance.

Social Media Speaker

Nicole now uses her knowledge and influence to help ethical business flourish through her platforms:

Trusted Surgeons –

Breast Implant Advice –

Nicole Montgomery RN -

Nicole's Purpose: 

Nicole has purpose and passion for business, digital media and improving patient outcomes. Nicole attends conferences across the globe and has succeeded to build successful social media accounts for her business’ and clients. 

Nicole utilises her unique insight into the industry to create social strategy’s and design for aesthetic practitioners and surgeons. Nicole manages the largest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group on Facebook and a closed group for botched patients.

Nicole’s articles and interviews have been published internationally, including the dailymail, snapchat and newscorp. Nicole is a contributor to Mamamia and has appeared on channel 7, The Project and channel 10.

Nicole believes great social media facilitates meaningful interactions and allows businesses to connect with consumers through storytelling.

Recent Speaking Events.

Nicole regularly receives requests to speak and has recently been a guest speaker at the following events: 

Cosmedicon, ASAPS 40th Anniversary, Medtech Symposium, National Cosmetic Summit.

Topics include but not limited too:

  • 'Social Media - Latest Updates from Social Media World Meeting Held in San Diego'
  • How to utilise social media to grow your practice
  • How to make visual content your social media secret weapon
  • How to build and monetise your personal brand
  • Relationship ROI: How to Grow Your Business by focusing on Repeat and Referral relationships
  • Networking for Success & Sustainability


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Testimonials From The Audience:


Hi Nicole,

I was at the business day at cosmedicon yesterday.

I loved your talk and was wondering if I could please have a copy of the presentation!

 That’s so much

Dr Naomi Abbondanza


Thanks for a great presentation yesterday!

if you’re happy to share - would you be able to email me a copy?

Have a great week.

KR - Dermlab


Hi Nicole

Really enjoyed your presentation on Sunday Would love it if you could send it to me?

Kathryn Holmes - Mayah Clinic

Nicole has collaborated as an influencer with:

Moloco (ethical thongs) - Fiona Tuck - Vita-sol - Osmosis - Venus Concept - Bella Media - Cryomed – AO Skincare - Cynosure - Mumprenaur ambassador feature

List of Press and Media Appearances:

Trusted Surgeons

Trusted Digital Media

Contributor/Author to Mammia

Articles Nicole and Trusted Surgeons has been featured in below;

9 honey

Australian Doctor Group; 6 minutes

Modern Australia:

Pedestrian TV article online and on Pedestrian's social pages:

Body & Soul - 3rd December 2017 - What the experts take on holidays


Networking Women - article on you and Trusted Surgeons

Beauty News - article on Cosmetic Tourism by Trusted Surgeons

Get Sydney - Trusted Surgeons - Australia’s new online Plastic Surgery information source

GetSetm -

Get lifestyle

MFMB Finalist 2016 and 2017 - Trusted Surgeons

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