The importance of on-boarding

Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

All relationships start somewhere and most often we make assumptions, judgements and have bias which significantly affect how we interact, communicate and how long the relationship lasts. It takes months if not years to form a meaningful mutually beneficial relationship. 

Why is this important in relation to your marketing?  

A marketer is coming in to sell your businesses values, products, services and ultimately you. However, the marketer is not you, does not know you and has a very short time frame to get to know you. If the marketer understands you, your goals, motivations and ideal dream client, you will decrease the risk of incorrect messaging and increase the potential for successful campaigns.

Onboarding gone wrong can see you trying to explain to clients why a post was incorrectly posted – eek awkward. Apart from the awkwardness, you as a marketer begin to lose credibility and autonomy whilst the client begins to lose trust. Your client could find themselves explaining and apologising to AHPRA or the TGA because the external marketer was not aware of the advertising guidelines. Or you may have a lot of leads coming in which is taking up your reception staff’ time yet none of these leads are suitable or qualified. 

Onboarding done right will save you a mountain of time, prevent trial and error mistakes and protect your online reputation. Which within the beauty, medical and aesthetic industry is imperative.

So, what to expect when you take on an external marketer?

Here are some general questions your marketer will ask. Keeping in mind when you answer be clear and specific, as this will decrease any miss interpretation.

What tools and platforms are you currently using in your marketing efforts? 

This is referring to the platforms you use such as: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest,  Website and any apps such as scheduling apps, directories, influencer tools, CRM and/or anything you use which falls under marketing. 

What are your goals? Is this leads, customers, or revenue? 

This is not an easier question, everyone wants growth, more leads, more clients, and more revenue – no brainer. Think more about: are you an experience-based business aiming for a higher return from each client? Or are you a service based transactional business focused on volume? Do you want more price driven leads from sales or do you want more clients who are seeking value and a highly tailored treatment experience?  

What is the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer? What is your LTV goal? 

Is your goal to constantly find new clients or to find new clients who will become lifelong clients? How are you going to keep your clients re-engaged, loyal and increase the ROI on every new client acquisition. There is no point spending copious amounts of money on marketing if you do not have your client journey mapped out. How will you wow your new clients, build rapport and encourage loyalty.  

 Do you have customer personas? Who is your ideal client? What are they interested in? 

If you don’t know who your ideal client is, your marketer will need to work with you to identify this as attracting the right clients is imperative. The wrong clients will cost time and money. 

How much does it cost you to acquire a customer currently? 

 If you do not have a baseline, how can you improve and truly measure the effectiveness of a campaign? Brand awareness, Client Acquisition and Product sales can all be achieved via social media. But at what cost? if you do not set a budget you can find the cost blowing out. You do not simply want a lead, anyone can do a Facebook ad campaign and generate a lead. You need a qualified lead at a low cost. If the ad cost is too high the ROI will be too low.   

Who are your top 3 biggest competitors? 

Research the three competitors in your demographic.

What ROI have you seen on your current marketing efforts? What are you currently investing in? 

 I often hear clinics mention they boosted a post or pay for various directories, which is great if you receive a ROI. If you do not know the ROI it could be time to reevaluate. 

What percentage of your customers is generated through online methods? 

 Word of mouth maybe is 50%, SEO 20% ect..   

What are the steps in your sales process (who takes the sales calls and how long do they take to make contact once a lead comes in)? What are the common hesitations clients have? 

This is extremely important to ensure you have the highest possible conversion rates. Following up on the leads promptly will increase the clients positive experience with the business. Identifying the hesitations affords you the ability to adjust your sales script and/or campaign to improve conversions.  

How do you currently find leads? 

Do you know what your cost per lead is? Do you know what your lead-to-conversion rate is? 

 What are your best-selling items/ services?

Let’s leverage the products and/or services you are loved for.


If you would like to book a complimentary 20 minute strategy session, we can discuss the most effective ways to build your online strategy.  

Nicole xx

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