The TRUTH about marketing within the aesthetic industry

Jun 25, 2020 | Marketing | 0 comments

I learnt a very hard & expensive lesson about marketing, and I do not want you to learn the same lesson I did – the hard way. When I first commenced Trusted Surgeons, I posted a few things and really did not know where or what I was doing. I did however appreciate the value of marketing and knew my business would only survive with a strategic marketing plan. So, I set out to find investors and an agency. Once I had the money I was like a bull at a gate. Everything the marketer told me I loved. I lapped up what & how the marketers would catapult my business. I felt assured my business would be huge and excited at all the endless possibilities. 

Three months in and over $20,000 I quickly realised nothing was guaranteed. My social media pages looked stunning. Every post was filtered and branded and back linked, it was like scrolling a vogue magazine. But I had zero reach, zero engagement and no qualified leads. I was devastated, I felt like I had failed, and I struggle to accept the amount of money thrown away. We even did a competition, the competition had a huge reach (with a boosting budget) and loads of entries. Not one entry became a follower or patient. To add to the deflated feeling of failure the marketer believed everything just required time. I would destroy their hard work and my business if I did not continue to invest in their service. 

I made a hard decision, I took a risk and literally a huge leap in faith. I stopped investing in the marketing company. I literally stopped everything. I invested in courses at Sydney University with Laurel Papworth. I was sick of the hundreds of marketing guru’s selling online courses. Although I did a few of those to. This was a huge step for me, not only did I set out to prove the marketer wrong, but I needed to create a presence if my business was going to survive. After doing these courses I learnt so much. But three things I stick with everyday are; 1. People buy from people 2. Reliability is Real 3. It’s not all about me – know your audience and what they want. By stepping out and associating real people with the business not only did our brand awareness grow but we began to receive calls and messages. I realised my values, vision and passion was not transcending through an intern who manages multiple accounts. 

I found authenticity, something many large marketing companies struggle with. I realised the general population want to engage with genuine businesses. Not highly curated businesses who lack personality, vulnerability, and relatability. I realised I could let a marketer talk for me and create my voice or I could put myself out there and use my voice, my flaws, my charm and my passion will eventually be seen and heard. I have gained so much confidence in this process, every small win is a huge boost. I now want to learn more, I want to collaborate with others and I am so grateful to the company’s I do outsource from. I use scheduling systems, I’m a member of a few social pods and mastermind groups. I have met incredible people who have helped me on my mission, for nothing in return. Traveling abroad and learning from world leading experts gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to take my business to the next level. 

Marketing is not easy, and I am certainly not an expert in all things marketing, I don’t believe in such a fast-paced industry anyone is truly an expert or guru. I have however learnt the value of truth, authenticity and no one can deliver your message better then YOU. The single best way to get out there is to do video’s, you can do Facebook live videos or pre-record and upload to IGTV or YouTube.

A few tips I have picked up would be:

  1. Always introduce yourself 
  2. The more you think about not saying “UM” the more you do say “UM” so just let it go and whatever will be will be.  
  3. Add a call to action at the end, this can be as simple as “Please comment below with any feedback” or “Please support my business by liking and sharing”
  4. Be mindful of time – less if more (I really struggle with this one)
  5. Smile, if you feel nervous – smile 😊 

I never script or read from a prompting system as I find this extremely robotic, but that is not to say you cannot. If you struggle face to face, you can also use screenshare or sides and only your voice. 

People will buy from you, remember you and cheer for you not your marketer. The best advice I ever received was never underestimate the value of authenticity. 

Nicole xx

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