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Social Media Stylist – Mumpreneaur – Speaker – Influencer

So, who is Nicole Montgomery?

Outside of being a #bossbabe, I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys and 2 bubbly girls along with my 2 cats. I am just like most women and love fashion, beauty, travel, and food.

From a very early age I was playing with make-up and loved art, this is where I started to develop my aesthetic eye.

As a teenager, I began working sweeping floors in a hairdresser. This was done to fund my passion for beauty and skin care products. In the 25 years since then, I have worked in customer service, marketing, beauty, became a Registered Nurse working clinically and as a post- operative nurse.

For the last several years I have focussed on patient advocacy and digital media, honing my skills along the way. My journey in the beauty and aesthetic industry started after completing an Ella Bache Diploma of Beauty in 2004.

My nursing career saw me working with many doctors and surgeons and opened my eyes to the good and the bad of aesthetics. This was my crossroad. I wanted to start my own business and work on the things that I loved most. Whilst I never thought it would be easy, I was not prepared for what lay ahead.

The digital world was full of slick salespeople peddling smoke and mirrors and I was promised the world, with no one delivering. After throwing a lot of money away I knew I had to become more resourceful and work smarter within this industry, I had to educate myself. So, I went on to do many social media, branding and business courses including: Laurel Papworth, Jane Anderson, Mari Smith, Grace Lever and more. I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and joined every free networking event and course. As my experience and knowledge increased, I was able to take control of my business and social media.

worked hard to develop a brand presence and have been featured on numerous mainstream media including: Channel Seven News, The Project Channel Ten, ABC 4 Corners, Radio, Pedestrian, Newscorp, Spa & Clinic, Whimm, Professional Beauty, 9 Honey, Body & Soul, Mamamia, The Daily Telegraph and many more.

In 2017 I became an award winning Ausmumpreneaur and by 2018 I had grown to a six-figure online business.

Knowing what I was able to achieve digitally, I was frustrated by stunning beauty clinics having boring, bland, and confusing social media presence. This included many highly talented and qualified practitioners with a terrible online presence.

I wanted to help. I wanted to share my skill and expertise.

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Learn from my years of experience in my short, practical courses that can be accessed anytime!

⇒ Create your unique voice
⇒ Speak to your targeted audience
⇒ Maintain within ethical and professional guidelines
⇒ Create a funnel specifically for your clinic
⇒ Visual Branding and strategy to nurture audience
⇒ Grow a large, targeted database
⇒ Specific demographic targeting
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Brand experience

collaborated as an Influencer with the following

“I firmly believe authenticity is key, which is why I encourage clinics to remain involved in their socials and only outsource what they need to.”


– Nicole Montgomery

Speaking experience

Nicole frequently receives requests to speak at industry events. 

Recent events include ASAPS 40th Anniversary, Medtech Symposium, National Cosmetic Summit, Cosmedicon 2019 and 2020.

Topics have included but are not limited to:

  • Social Media
  • How to utilise social media to grow your practice
  • How to make visual content your social media secret weapon
  • How to build and monetise your personal brand
  • Relationship ROI: how to grow your business by focusing on repeat and referral relationships
  • Networking for success & sustainability
  • The importance of your clients experience & treatment journey


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What others are saying

The Lotus Institute

“Trusted Digital Media significantly increased our reach, engagement, and bookings. Our pages became a true reflection of our business and ethics.”

– Laura

Cairns Plastic Surgery

“Partnering with Trusted Digital Media was the best thing we ever did.”

– Dr Hertess

Waverley House Plastic Surgery

“Maintaining our values and branding is our priority as opposed to going viral. TDM have effortlessly organically grown our online presence.”

– Kathy

Bella Complexion

“Learning from Nicole has enabled me to take my pages to the next level.”

– Sue

Dr Anh & Associates

“I always have fun with Nicole, she is the ultimate boss babe. Nicole was
supportive of me and my business and always goes the extra mile. I am still waiting for her to move
to Perth.”

– Dr Anh Plastic Surgeon

Aptos ANZ

“As a global brand it was important, we followed strict brand guidelines, Nicole has helped us grow our business B2B & B2C, partnering with Nicole was the best thing we ever did. We are so proud of our social media pages”

– Mara

Plastic Surgeon in Sydney

“We thought no one could fix our Facebook page, we
ranked so poorly and our reach was woeful. We had posted too many images with nipples and had one bad marketer after another. It was a miracle Nicole cleaned up our page, increased our engagement and reach exponentially. We learnt about Facebook optimisation and we became more actively involved in Facebook.”

–  (anonymous)

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Social Media Stylist, Mumpreneaur, Speaker and Influencer, Nicole Montgomery is on a mission to help aesthetic business build their online presence and effectively communicate with their ideal customers.


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